“Mom, is there an end to outer space?”

It seems like every night before bedtime, the boys come up with all kinds of questions. I’m not sure if they’ve been mulling them over all day or if they invent things to ask just to delay going to sleep. The really problem to all these questions is not the complexity of the initial questions. We parents are very good at making up convincing explainations to these inquiries. The problem lies in the next question: “WHY?” This, I am not so good at answering yet. I hope to come up with a better thing to say than, “I don’t know,” or “just because,” or “because I said so, and I’m your mom. Now go to sleep!”
It’s hard to be serious with some questions, or when they vocalize their logic into an explaination because your’s doesn’t work for them.
Example: Bryce: “How many different kinds of food are there in the world?”
Mom: “I don’t know…(blah blah blah)…like Buzz Lightyear.”
Bryce: “You mean to infinity and beyond?”
Mom: “Yes.”
Gus: “Maybe it just starts at anphibian, and goes beyond.”
Mom: “Sure”
Bryce: “Gus (in that tonation only he can do) you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

If we could just hie to Kolob now.

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