I better start counting

I’m not really sure how long we’ve been in Germany now…We left Colorado on the 29th of June, and today is the 19th of July, but that’s about all I keep track of around here.  I don’t know how long we’ve been in the hotel here, either, but I think it’s better that I don’t count. It might get depressing.  I just know that the people I saw when we first arrived are no longer around.  I don’t know if they moved out of the country, moved into a house, or were abducted by aliens.  So far, no such luck for us.  The great house-hunt continues.  We’ve been looking at places (2 suggested by the housing office, most through word of mouth) but just haven’t found one that we are able to move into at the moment. We did see several nice places. One was in downtown Ansbach, on the 5th floor of a big building, with big rooms, a great view and three refrigerators.  Another was the middle of a triplex with a big kitchen and big family room downstairs.  One duplex we looked at had 4 stories and spiraly stairs of death.  The one place we looked at and liked won’t be vacated until the end of September.  So, the search goes on.  I think the boys are getting a little anxious. The think every house we see is great, and ask loudly and excitedly as we are exiting each dwelling, “Are you going to buy this one, Mom?”  a million times.  How many times do I have to tell them we are looking to rent, not buy.  Geeeezzzzzzzz.

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