Another victim of the laundry

We have been here in Germany for about 10 days. It seems like everything back in Colorado was so long ago. We’ve been in beautiful Army lodging since we arrived, which we feel very lucky to have  a place here on post. Otherwise, we’d be staying out in the community, “on the economy” and it would have been a lot harder to get things done as far as in-processing and getting around. We have been stationed in Germany before, so we are more relaxed about our trip this time, aren’t as worried about the language barrier, and don’t have the culture shock to contend with. We also had the foresight to sell our cars and just buy used cars once we got here for financial and practical reasons, mainly so we wouldn’t be waiting for our vehicle to come across the ocean on the slow boat. We both passed our driver’s test, and so we are no longer stuck on the base or walking, which wasn’t all that bad anyway. Plus, not enough can be said for trading in your Honda Oddysey minivan for a BMW combi. Sure, it’s not the coolest looking BMW around, but it can still haul on the autobahn.  And, it’s bigger than the Peugeot we rented over the weekend.

Not much room once Andy's in.

Not much room once Andy's in.

Despite the freedom of now having a car, we still spend a good amount of time in the hotel, for lack of other things to do. We are still looking around for a house to rent on the economy, as nothing for us is available on post at this time.  We actually looked at a house this morning, which was surprisingly large for a Germany house.  It was unfortunately on the opposite side of town, and would be a nightmare to contend with the traffic. 

 Anyway,  shortly before we left Colorado my boys took and extremem liking to Pokemon cards.  We acquired some through vending machines and kid’s meals on our big road trip prior to our PCSing.  Since I made the boys ship all of their other toys, which contain millions of pieces (LEGOS, etc)  I thought having them keep these cards would be a good thing.  Bad idea.  Over our last weekend there, I was frantically trying to get things cleaned (laundry) and packed.  Of course, the most cherished Poke-cards were left in the pocket and discovered only after the spin cycle had finished.  That was for boy #2.  Flash forward to today.  I’ve been saving up laundry all week long. I bought two big laundry bags so I wouldn’t have to make a million trips down the stairs to the basement of the hotel to use the laundry machines.  They were both really full, and I knew I had to do laundry today.  I was lucky to secure the entire row of washers to myself this morning, so I took advantage and hurriedly did 4 loads at the same time. ***Note:  For the past few days, more Poke-cards have been missing and sought after.  Sadly, they were discovered after a turn in the drier.  So, I guess when you are in a hurry, and aren’t at your leisure to 1. keep track of Pokemon Cards, and 2. keep track of the laundry,  you probably shouldn’t have Pokemon cards around, or they will die, and tears will flow.  Sorry boy #1.  Now I’ll have to give in and buy something else to keep them entertained.

Poke-morgue round 2

Poke-morgue round 2

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