NO WiFi, agggg!

A few days before we left Colorado, I bought a smart phone with the intention of using it here in Germany. At the airport in Frankfurt, I think there was wifi, for free, but I was in such a hurry to get out of there, that I’m not for certain. At the hotel we stayed in Frankfurt, I could not access the wifi without a password, for a limited time for free each 24 hours, or else pay for use. 😦 Now we are set up in a hotel in Ansbach. I was really looking forward to some internet connection. To my great disappointment, no wifi. Even worse, they made us sign a contract saying no Voip. Can you believe it?? And, it gets even better. That first night, the internet breaks down, and we can’t get any service until today, Friday! Since Wednesday! At least it’s working today.
Another disappointment…we went to McDonald’s. They have wifi there, BUT, you must log on to T-Mobile and pay for wifi hotspot access. Hmmmm. Very frustrating. Can I access hotspots without using t-mobile? Will I ever find free wifi in Germany? Will my smartphone be nothing more than a portable game-playing and music-storing device while I am here? I hate learning that I may have wasted vast amounts of time/energy/money. I am on a quest to find a way to get free wifi!

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