Once we arrived in Frankfurt, before we even got off the plane, the 5 year-old has a total meltdown because he doesn’t like the shoelaces on the new shoes I bought for him the day before. He becomes totally unruly and spunky, with a big sad face to pout before the entire plane and all the way throught the baggage claim, etc. I am tired, and I am tired of him more than anything. At least we survived the flight. Thank goodness for those Germans.
Once we navigate the airport we are set up by the great people set to help military families arriving in Frankfurt. The set-up now is soooo much better than it was 9 years ago. Then, we were made to walk across a parking lot/runway to some obscure hanger where we were told to wait. And wait we did, for hours. I remember that as the absolute worst part of the entire trip. This time, things are all set close to the airport, and very accomodating. We spend the night in Frankfurt and plan to take the arranged travel to Ansbach the next day. The next morning after a short breifing, we wait in a “family” room for a few minutes while our orders are trying to be decifered. Apparently no one is around to confirm that we are supposed to go where we are supposed to go, so no one in Frankfurt wants to take the responsiblity of sending us there, just in case they weren’t supposed to do it. Eventually, they let us get on a bus for Ansbach, and tell us that things will be figured out once we get there. We load all of our things on the big bus. There are five of us, my family of four, and one other soldier. We drive about 500m from the bus stop, and someone gets on the bus and tells us all that they need the bus for something else, and that we should get on to a van instead. So, we all get in the van. It turns out to be a good thing, since vans can go a million times faster than a big bus. I love the Autobahn. It is without a doubt my most favorite thing about living in Germany.

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