Ansbach or Bust

So, our PCS adventure finally begins. Luckily, we had a non-stop flight from Denver to Frankfurt. Unluckily, we were seated at the very back of the plane, not together. The Sunday before our flight, we had my grandparents, my uncle, and a family friend over for dinner. My uncle is a newly retired Northwest Airline pilot. Of course, the conversation turned to our impending trip. After dessert, we heard a recap of the most recent catastrophies in commercial air travel, all “coincidentally” associated with planes made by Airbus. (My uncle is subscriber to a conspiracy theory about Airbus, AirFrance, and French people in general.) Just happens to be the kind of plane we’re to fly on the next day. Just a little unnerving.
So Monday night, as we’re boarding the Airbus, all the way at the back, I can’t help but wonder….will this trip be more than I’ve bargained for? Will I see my son and husband after the flight, since we aren’t seated together now? My faith rests only in the fact that this plane is flying under a German flag, Lufthansa.  I trust the Germans.  I don’t know why I do, but I do, unconditionally, and especially when it comes to things concrete  (abstract, not so much). They make good cars, great cars, with wipers for the headlights, and force people do good things, like sweep the street and recycle. Their safety standards for baby clothes are higher than anywhere else in the world.  I’m sure they meticulously inspect planes, too.  Still, I do not sleep. Doesn’t have anything to do with the 5 year-old who is sprawled out across my lap and who’s periodically flinching and kicking the Australian girl seated next to us.

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